Dr. Keren Yizhak
Principal Investigator

PhD in Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
M.Sc in Bioinformatics, Tel-Aviv University
B.Sc in Computational Biology and Computer Science, The Hebrew University


Dr. Raphy Zarecki
Research Associate

PhD in Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
MBA, Tel-Aviv University
M.Sc in Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University
B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University


Elad Zisman
MD/PhD student, The Hebrew University (jointly mentored with Michal Lotem, Hadassah Medical Center)

B.Sc in Medical Sciences, The Hebrew University



Rotem Katzir
PhD student, Maryland University (jointly mentored with Eytan Ruppin, National Cancer Institute)

B.Sc in Compuer Science, Tel-Aviv University


Liron Zisman
Research Assistant

MD, Technion




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